Naisyin Wang

Professor of Statistics

Office: 445E West Hall, 1085 South University Ave.
Fax: 734.763.4676
e-mail: nwangaaATumichDOTedu

Research Interests

Longitudinal and Functional Data Analysis, Measurement Error Models, Mixtured Modeling, Missing Data Issues, Flexible Parametric, Non- and Semiparametric Approaches, Applications in Biological and Medical Fields, Genomic and Metabolomic research


Ph.D. Statistics, Cornell University (1992)
M.A., Statistics, Ohio State University (1987)
B.S. Mathematics, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan (1986)

Professional Services

Co-Editor of Statistica Sinica , 2011-
Co-Editor of Biometrics , 2006-2009
President of the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA), 2011

Professional Societies

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Fellow of American Statistical Association
Elected member of International Statistical Institute

Courses Taught

Statistics 500: Applied Statistics I
Statistics 600: Linear Models
Statistics 700: Special Topics in Applied Statistics I

Selected Publications

Robins, J.M. and Wang, N. (2000) Inference in imputation estimators. Biometrika, 87, 113-124.

Wang, C.Y., Wang, N. and Wang, S. (2000) Regression analysis when covariates are regression parameters of a random effect model. Biometrics, 56, 487-496.

Morris, J.S., Wang, N., Lupton, J.R., Chapkin, R.S., Turner, N.D., Hong, M.Y. and Carroll, R.J. (2001) Parametric and nonparametric methods for understanding the relationship between carcinogen-induced DNA adduct levels in distal and proximal regions of the colon. JASA, 96, 816-827.

Cheng, S.C. and Wang, N. (2001) Linear transformation models for failure time data with covariate measurement error. JASA , 96, 706-717.

Nguyen, D.V., Arpat, A.B., Wang, N. and Carroll, R.J. (2002) DNA microarray experiments: biological and technological aspects. Biometrics, 58, 701-717.

Wang, N. and Raftery, A.E. (2002) Robust covariance estimation via nearest neighbor cleaning. JASA, (with discussion) 97, 994-1006, Rejoinder, 1016-1019.

Wang, N. (2003) Marginal Nonparametric kernel regression accounting for within-subject correlation Biometrika, 90, 43-52.

Hu, Z., Wang, N. and Carroll, R.J. (2004) Profile-Kernel versus Backfitting in the Partially Linear Models for Longitudinal/Clustered Data. Biometrika, 91, 251-262.

Lin, X., Wang, N., Welsh, A. and Carroll, R. J. (2004) Equivalent Kernels of Smoothing Splines in Nonparametric Regression for Clustered Data. Biometrika, 91, 177-193.

Wang, N., Carroll, R.J. and Lin, X. (2005) Efficient semiparametric marginal estimation for longitudinal/clustered data. JASA, 147-157.

Liang, H. and Wang, N. (2005) Large sample theory in a semiparametric partially linear errors-in-variables model. Statistica Scinica, 99-117.

Ma, Y., Chiou, J.M. and Wang, N. (2006) Efficient semiparametric estimator for heteroscedastic partially linear models. Biometrika, 93, 75-84.

Liang, F., Liu, C. and Wang, N. (2007) A sequential Bayesian procedure for differential gene expression. Statistica Sinica, 17, 571-598.

Li, E., Wang, N. and Wang, N.Y. (2007) Joint models for a primary endpoint and multivariate longitudinal data. Biometrics, 63, 1068-1078.

Li, Y., Wang, N, Hong, M, Turner, N., Lupton, J. and Carroll. R. J. (2007). Nonparametric estimation of correlation functions in spatial and longitudinal data, with application to colon carcinogenesis experiments. Annals of Statistics, 35, 4, 1608-1643.

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