Long Nguyen

Associate Professor and Director of Master's programs
Department of Statistics, University of Michigan

Other affiliations:
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (courtesy appt)
Michigan Institute for Data Science (core faculty)
Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (long-term member)

Email: xuanlong@umich.edu
Office: 461 West Hall, Phone: 734-763-3499, Fax: 734-763-4676

Mail Address: 439 West Hall, 1085 South University, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1107

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Students in the Applied Master's program: If you have questions about specific course work, please send email to the advising team (email address: stat-ms-ad@umich.edu) or set up an appointment with me or other advisors. Students in the dual Master's program are also welcome to sign up for an appointment.

Prospective PhD students: Thank you for your interest. Admissions decision is made a graduate admissions committee, please see this link for further information. My apology if I am unable to respond to your enquiry due to the large volume of such emails.

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